Small Batch
Not Because It's "Cool"

A lot of companies will label their products as "small batch" because it sounds cool and unique.  The truth is there is not a lot of definition to the phrase "small batch".  We make our oils in small batch because we want you to have a unique scent every single month.  We are not having our oils made in a lab or factory somewhere where you will smell like every other guy out there.  We make our oil by hand, not machine.

Precision Focus

Making our oil in small batches, one scent a month, allows us to have a laser focus on our products.  We aren't making 20 different products at once.  We make beard oil.  We have an Unscented Oil, a Hibernate (nighttime) Oil, and our monthly scent.  We don't make soaps, scrubs, balms, or butter.  We believe that it's better to do one thing great than 20 things okay.  And we guarantee that we will not add any new product lines in 2020 as our only focus is on you.

Beard Game

Everyone has a different beard.  Whether it be color, length, shape, fullness, or any other feature.  We respect that.  You don't need to have the fullest, longest beard to have a strong beard game.  Beards aren't any sort of defining feature, they are simply an extension of ourselves.  Our beard oil is for anyone and everyone and we love beards of all kinds.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more beard stories and pics.

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